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Santa Fe's Old World Charm

East San Francisco Street, painting by Tom Mallon
East San Francisco Street personifies downtown Santa Fe. Like something from an old Zorro movie, its adobe style architecture magically transports any visitor to a harmonic combination of ancient tradition (dating back more than 400 years) along with a broad collection of contemporary experience, accommodation and cuisine.  Like most of downtown Santa Fe, East San Francisco Street is a shopping odyssey filled with specialty shops, galleries and dining, both casual and formal. People travel to Santa Fe from all points to locate handmade treasures, exotic hard to find items or just to have a good time. Click here to view complete painting with details.

Windows Filled With Goods

Downtown Experience

Mostly Southwestern, with some Mexican and a dash of traditional, Santa Fe's merchant goods range from pottery, jewelry, hand carved and leather goods to sculpture and painting, to upscale fashion and antiques. Hard to find shops include year-round Christmas shops, Indian pottery (uniquely new and historic), native garments and the broadest selection of turquoise jewelry anywhere.

Dining includes everything from fast food to gourmet dining. However, unique to Santa Fe are its rustic dining experiences. Street-side dining includes cafe style outdoor and off the street settings, while indoor dining takes on old world Castilian refinement, complete with ornate tile, wood and adobe surroundings. All dining is complemented with views of this ancient capital, which includes the Sangre de Christo Mountains, adobe churches and haciendas, a gothic basilica as well as a stunning and somewhat "miraculous" revival gothic chapel.

Downtown Santa Fe
The Painting
The oil painting of East San Francisco Street depicts a typical afternoon scene with filled shop windows, easy curbside parking, and the occasional motorcycle. The sky is filled with happy cumulus clouds that rarely find cause to shed tears on residents and tourists. Click here to view complete painting with details.

Though East San Francisco Street runs through the entire heart of downtown Santa Fe, this particular stretch is located between the famous Plaza, with its assorts shops, the New Mexico Museum of Fine Arts and Palace of the Governors to the immediate west. Just to the east lies the Saint Francis Basilica, The Museum of Contemporary Native Arts and The Loretto Chapel.

East to west, north or south, any resident or visitor will discover endless shopping, dining and fascinating sights to experience. Visitors always discover reasons to return to Santa Fe to either relive memorable experiences or simply to discover endless things to do.


Diagonal Composition with Perspective Lines
Diagonal compositions are both fun and common. Most photographs that appear to be well framed with little thought, tend to be diagonal because of dominate perspective values. This particular painting is of a street scene with a straight line of shops that disappear into the left horizon line.

The viewer's eye-movement begins at that left horizon and moves to the bottom right corner of the canvas (blue arrow). This occurs as the result of the continuous running perspective line of the street curb, which is reinforced by the left to right direction indicated by the parked vehicles.

After traveling to the right, the eye then rests briefly on the stucco wall and returns towards the perspective line of the rooftops (red arrow). This is simultaneously overtaken by the top rear perspective line, which moves the viewers attention to towards the clouds and the upper left corer of the painting (green arrows). The painting is 55" by 24.5" and was completed with oil colors.

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Detail from Santuario de Guadalupe by Tom Mallon
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